Richland House Construction

Jim and Charlie built a house near Nevada City, California in 2002, 2003, and 2004. This page shows the progress of the construction. Click on any photo for a larger version (then click your browser's "Back" button to return). 
At the beginning of construction, we held a ceremony for laying the foundation stone. This photo shows Charlie and JT (our architect) preparing the offering
Here are the people assembled for the ceremony (minus Lou, who took the photo). Charlie and Jim are in the center
This photo was taken November 23, 2002. The forms for the basement walls were completed and concrete poured four days later.
Basement floor
January 2003: Pouring the basement floor
East view
April 2003: Charlie in the doorway to a second-floor deck.
3 arches
May 2003: View towards the Brahamastan.
Front of house
May 2003: The front of the house.
West porch
June 2003: The west porch.
December 5, 2003  View from the front showing stucco on the trim.
December 16. 2003  View of window in master bedroom showing sheetrock walls.
December 16, 2003  View shows tile being applied to the pool.
January 2004 This picture shows the house with the stucco completed.
January 2004 This picture shows the solar power station. Charlie and Jim built the 200 sq. ft. building which is surface bond blocks. It has 3 rooms, one for the generator, another for the inverters, and one for the battery.
The solar panels output a combined 6,000 watts. In a 5 hour day they produce 30 KWH of power. This is enough electric power for most single family homes.
January 2004 This picture shows the inverter room in the power station. This equipment converts the DC (direct current) from the solar panels and batteries to house current AC (Alternating current). The system can provide 11,000 watts.
January 2004 This picture shows the solar panels that heat the pool water.
Feb. 2004 This picture shows the pool after the deck concrete has been placed.
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Written by Charles Landau and Jim Richards, Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2007. All rights reserved.